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Articles on Citizenship 


Contemporary Dilemmas of Israeli Citizenship

Introduction: Securitization and Shrinking of Citizenship

We are Here, They are There: Between Peace and Exclusion in Israel/Palestine

תהליך השלום

A New Middle East?: Globalization, Peace and the 'Double Movement'

Introduction: Partition vs. Power-Sharing?

Between Power and Hegemony; Business Communities in Peace Process

Business Communities and Peace: The Cost-Benefit Calculations of Political Involvement

Grounds for Peace; Territoriality and Conflict Resolution

Markets and Fences: Illusions of Peace

דת ופוליטיקה

Boycotting for Sabbath: Religious Consumerism as a Political Strategy

It Takes Two for a Culture War

Unpacking secularization: Structural changes, individual choices and ethnic paths

Live and Let Buy?Consumerism, Secularization, and Liberalism

Secularization in Israel

Value for money: Political Consumerism in Israel

סיר הבשר: כלכלת השוק ותהליכי החילון בישראל

A State of Holiness: Rethinking Israeli Secularism

Are We There Yet? Religion, Secularization and Liberal Democracy in Israel

Globalisation, Religion and
Secularisation – Different States, Same Trajectories?

פוליטיקה ישראלית

משמאל ל־ small?
על שקיעתן של מפלגות השמאל הציוני, 2009-1992

Netanyahu’s Second Coming
A Neoconservative Policy Paradigm?

משטרה ושיטור

Policing alienated minorities in divided cities

Minorities in Democracy and Policing
Policy: From Alienation to Cooperation

Policing Multicultural States: Lessons From the Canadian Model

The Challenge of Diversity Management: Police Reform and the Arab Minority in Israel

Race, racism, and
policing: Responses
of Ethiopian Jews in
Israel to stigmatization
by the police


Globalization and Localization of the Game in Israel

Collective Action of Ethno-National Minority Groups and the Cost of Inaction: Arab Palestinians in Israel

Home and Away: Volunteering Among Ultra-Orthodox Men in Israel

The Ingathering: Reasons of State, Logic of Capital and the Assimilation of Immigrants in Israel 1948-60

Voluntary Simplifiers as Political Consumers: Individuals Practicing Politics Through Reduced Consumption

"באנו לשנות": גרעיני התיישבות בערי פריפריה

מה ניתן ללמוד מכדורגל על גלובליזציה, ולהפך

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